My Tamagotchi Forever App Reviews

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Love this game but...

I love this game! However, I keep getting the same tamagotchi, which is really unfortunate because I’d like to see them all! If you could fix this it’d be amazing!

No Update

This app hasn’t updated so I’ve been stuck on level 39 for days.

Great but crashes too much

Every time I try to take a pic or watch an ad it's crashes. Please fix this!


I love the talking ton theme


hey man i love this thing

It’s alright

It’s gonna take a century to finish this game. It was fun at first but my money’s all gone and the games get boring and repetitive with no real coin reward. Currently I’m broke in game and probably just gonna delete the game. Yawn.

One gripe-edited- now 2 gripes

My ONLY gripe about this so far- is the fact that the limit you to getting any bonus points in the match 3 mini game. I also wish you could get more coins doing the match or space hop (or even hide and seek). They just don’t seem like enough compared to what you get from the band practice game. ————————— Edit::: they added a new game hoops and you only get 10 coins for playing forever.... wow. Could have been something great but was not executed well. I also downloaded an app that shows in the game section hoping to get coins from it. Got nothing. What’s the point of those in the arcade if I can’t progress in the game I’m playing? After playing the game a few months (level 26) I have only unlocked 4 adult tomogatchis. I have changed their food every time and somehow I always end up with Memetchi. It’s like flashbacks as a kid again! It’s getting really frustrating and my want to keep playing is dwindling.....

My experience

This is a great game but the only downside is that when you hatch a egg you can get the one you already had.

I like!

This is a cool game I play it quite often. I am now on level 29 and my only complaint would be that this game doesn’t have enough toddlers I keep getting the same star over and over that makes it a little boring. I think they should add a little more to the game to keep it interesting.

“Random” doesn’t seem very random

I like the game. It’s a fun callback to the carry around tamogotchis. And like those old games, you can’t choose what tamagotchi you get and that’s fine but something seems to be odd in their random generator code because both me and my friend (on android and iOS) have gotten the same baby, same toddler, same teenager, and same adult four times in a row. This just seems too coincidental to be random. Maybe something needs to be fixed in the code. It’s not as fun when you ALWAYS get the same thing.


I like it but it could use more mini games and the tamas grow too quickly

Great but...

I like tamagotchis! Tamagotchis are friendly and cool I like them!!! But there’s only one problem... I KEEP GETTING MOKOKOTCHI!!! But I want that Tamagotchi near it!!! 😭😭😭 So the creators. Next time when my toddler evolves. Do it near that mokokotchi. Really near it. A teen who is cheerful and popular. PLEASE! I would like it! 😎


This game is amazing! However, it would be nice if you could name your tamagotchi. Also, more mini-games would be greatly appreciated!

Love this game

I'm an adult and this is such a great quick break from reality

Not opening

It doesn't seem to open on my iPad. Please fix this issue.

Too many ads

Way too many ads in one game . I’d rather pay something to turn them off.

Bug report!

Futabatchi disappears while trying to bathe them with sombrero equipped but sometimes Futabatchi just disappears when trying to bathe them even without the sombrero equipped!

Good! But I recommend..

It is a amazing app but I would recommend more mini games and different animations for different ages and pets. Also, maybe add more things to do with your pets like the original. But overall since this game is fairly new it’s amazing.

Love it one problem

I love everything about except one thing I want to get them in there costumes or outfits but I don’t know how I tried to look it up can you please update this so we can

Meh, alright but not the 90s tomagatchi

I have yet to see mine get sick and die. I feel like I would have more incentive to check on them if they did.


Wish there was easier method to earn money faster. Why is there an ad on everything!?

I lost my all purchased stuff in the game!

I lost my all purchased stuff in the game! Please HELP ME!

Lil break

I don't completely understand the finer points yet (I know, ridiculous), but it's a fun little break

Laggy, Freezes Phone.

I hate to say this, but this app has quickly become a real pain to have to use. The 30 seconds ads you have to see to redeem pretty much anything hardly every work. At least 60% of the time, the adds will glitch the app and I won’t receive my reward, extra sleep, extra game play, etc.. Or the ads with straight up freeze the app completely forcing me restart it and lose whatever I was doing. I used to think this was fun and relaxing but now it’s just a constant headache and a waste of time. It’s gotten to the point where if the app freezes and I try to close it, it will slow down my whole phone. I even paid to have the double coins and “less” ads.

Always loved tamagotchi


Really fun! But Needs More.

I think this game is fun! I’ve been through all generation. The original toy where it ran on a watch battery, the online game where your Tamagotchi came with a code to log in, the app that came out in 2014 of where it looked exactly like the 1st generation, now this app! The app should have a night and sunset mode where the Tamagotchi roams the same streets it does in the morning, but at evening & night. Kind of like the computer game! 😀 It also needs more updates to do stuff with out Tamagotchi. We need more things to do if what we were able to do with our original Tamagotchies. Other than that, this game is cute and fun. ❤️

You might think I’m crazy

Well, So your the first one it was about taking care and responsibility but this new one the pets live forever but kids can keep it for a few years and that stupid thing is still alive on the first one if you don’t take care of it, IT DEAD

Waste of time

Fun to play but gets really boring after a while. There are about 8 different adult’s you can get and I keep getting the same 4 over and over.

Good for the first few weeks

Found this game randomly and was pleasantly surprised. Hadn’t played since the 90’s and was happy to relive the good times. However, the game is geared toward younger audiences so there is minimal challenges and not much to do with your tamagotchi character besides play games. I got Memetchi 3 times in a row although I changed up the food I fed my tamagotchi so it is very difficult to get new ones, especially adults. Fun for the first few weeks but not something you’ll have for awhile.

Same tamagotchis over and over and over

I’ve played this game for what feels like months since it’s been released and no matter how much I try I always end up getting the exact same Adult Tamagotchis. You can’t unlock any others besides the GirlDuck and the generic one in the icon. Worst waste of time ever. DO NOT BUY THIS APP

Cute but still not what I was expecting

The game it’s self is very cute and does a good job of bringing the pixelated characters to a 3D space, but there are a few elements that I struggle with. The games get boring because you only have access to so many and they’re your standard mobile device games. This wouldn’t be so bad if you had the option to change them up now and then. For example, if when you purchased new settings for the characters to take pictures in, maybe you could unlock a new mini game. Also the prices of the settings increase significantly to the point that I’m ready to delete the app because I don’t want to waste my time waiting to get to 19000 tamagotchi coins, especially when my Tamagotchi has leveled through to adult about 7 times already. The graphics are pretty great, but I don’t appreciate them when I’m stuck waiting for ads to go through.

Love but...

Love the nostalgia this brings back but some tweaks need to be made. The prices of the amenities are a bit ridiculous. If you don’t want to spend money it will take forever to buy them all plus add on outfits for your pets and the payoff is very low. Definitely needs some adjustments to reward system. Also, the only way to increase coins is by watching ads, some of which are way longer than 30 seconds and often glitchy.

More Characters!

I love this game, it definitely does bring me back. I've read some of the other reviews and I do agree with some of them. My only request is that we add more characters to the game! I like that the app already has pretty frequent updates. My all time favorite ever since Gen 3 or 4 was Mimitchi. I know that's an older character so I would understand if that character wasn't added but that doesn't mean you can't add characters like Makiko or Violetchi/Flowertchi. I'm so close to unlocking all of the characters so I don't wanna be bored the game just yet (:

Fun game

Fun game, but in the match 3 game, instead of adding the bonus points after each level it won’t affect the score. For example, I watched my bonus points add up to 3250 (or something like that) and then the level started back at 2750 (close to it).

Cute game

I think there should be more tamagotchi creatures then just a few , I think for the new update you should add more tamagotchies and more things to do in Tama town. That would be great if you do but overall the game is fun and quite cute☺️❤️


I used to play on those Tamagotchi v4.5s so i downloaded this app and it feels like a modernized version. However, there's one problem i have. The face they make on the toilet is kind of weird If you could make them look more natural about it, I'd be happier.


I have been playing this for a couple months and I’m kind of getting frustrated. I literally get the same Teens and adults every single time after the first week of playing it’s been like that I’ve tried to see if it was just something I was doing and can’t find any info. Sadly disappointed.

pretty nice but needs some additional things

It would be nice if you got to name your tamagotchi and really bond with them like the keychains, connect with your friends and what not... not have to have facebook to have a photo....maybe some more types wouldn't hurt either :)


This game is pretty fun!!!!

Waste of time!!

I’ve been playing this game for over a month now. I loved it at first. I loved collecting all the characters, until I get stucked with getting the same adult characters!! I play hard and spend a lot of hours playing to evolve my characters fasters but for me to get the same adult “bird” 3 times in a row is very disappointing! I’ve watched a lot of ads you guys promoted and even downloaded some of those games, but its very disappointing and I didn’t expect that I’m going to stop playing it because of frustration! Don’t waste your time!

Brings back memories

I think this game is fun and Addicting! download it 😁 you will not regret it


I’m glad that they made this! I like the game, but I get bored when they sleep, and I ran out of diamonds. Please make there a little deal to remove ads and stuff for like 3000 coins!💤✖️📺❌💰💰💰🆗


I absolutely love this game. My only complaint is that every time I get to the teenage evolution I’ve gotten Nikatchi like at least 5 times and the other three teens I’ve gotten only one time each. And more tamagotchis!!! ❤️

Care for the pet

I just love the way you can make it to your computer or iPhone . The kids love it so I can go get them food or just let them out and play with them. I’m just lol but you can always get get it to sleep and get a bath

Stupidly addictive

Fun game, I wish there were more variation of toddlers. The same ones over and over get boring.


Honestly amazing

Love the cute game but....

I wish I can change and keep the one I really want but other than that it brings me back and its fun! It’s great to make the day go faster lol

What’s next after level 36?

I am already at level 36, what’s next or should I delete this app that I loved?

Good game except...

I am giving this game 3 stars SOLELY based on the fact that I play the game with the sound OFF because the sounds/noises the tamagotchis make are so annoying. They are always whining. It adds absolutely nothing to the game. Other than that, I enjoy it. But never with the sound on.🙉


Love this game. It takes my child hood game and makes it bright, vibrant, and it won’t die!! (At least not that I know of. I play this game to calm down or to take a little break from life. It’s great.

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