My Tamagotchi Forever App Reviews

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I’m sure it’ll get better

So far the game is pretty neat however after purchasing some things the game seems to lag and glitch a bit and the double coin perk doesn’t work. The gameplay is cool although it’s not like the old tamagotchi they don’t get sick and it’s less things to do.

Love it!

*(written 9.23.18)I dropped my 5 star rating to 3 stars because of a problem I’ve been with the game; it’s been going on for 3 weeks. So if there is a way you could fix this problem that’d be wonderful & I’ll bring my rating back up 5 stars no problem, you’ll deserve it again!* •(written 9.23.18)The game has stopped letting me double my coins at the end of any mini-game. I play the ad like it prompts me to do & it plays all the way through but then it won’t double the coins. I have uninstalled & reinstalled the game a couple times hoping that it would’ve fixed the problem. When that didn’t work I was hoping the update would’ve fixed the problem. It did fix my problem of not getting presents when I have above $10,000, so thank you for that!• I used to own a couple Tamagotchis when I was a kid, so I was super excited when I saw the game/app! I’m glad you did a updated with a new mini-game because it was getting old & boring playing the same 5 mini-games.

Major flaws but overall well done

Okay SO I absolutely love the nostalgia of this app. I adored my tamagotchi’s as a kid so I was very excited when I heard they were making an app and I got it as soon as I heard it was out!! BUT the micro purchases are quite annoying. It’s frustrating because I really do enjoy the app other than this ANNOYING flaw. For example, your tamagotchis will always want things that you can’t buy until you’ve leveled up considerably. And the only way to satisfy them is to pay for the money item in these purple “diamonds” and they (for the most part) cost REAL MONEY!! And they want 300 of them?? UH NOPE!! I already bought the $5 beginners package. What more do you want from me?? I would MUCH rather pay a set price for the app in the beginning just to have limited micro purchases. I don’t even mind adds. But I shouldn’t have to lay down $20 every time my tamagotchi wants a toy!!


This game is cute, fun and adorable! I love it! But, it’s HIGHLY ANNOYING!!!! It will take you FOREVER to get anything or level up. It’s the worst version of a grinding game I’ve ever played, and I ONLY play RGS, so I’ve done my fair share of grinding. On the other hand, it is cute, calm and highly soothing. There’s fun mini games, my favorite of which is the Match Three puzzle. The pets are unique and yes, it does take you back to childhood. But, you will get MANY doubles (they just kinda disappear once they leave home though).

Love tamagotchi..

Love how they’re always making improvements and updates. - But the daily challenges or career challenges are more difficult & longer than Hoops or Planet Hop (my fav games) challenges.. those are really short like make 20 hoops vs make 40 lines in Match. Match I’ve never got past 8 Levels so it’s not so easy to do those long challenges.. The more fun games I would like more of a challenge vs the ones that I play less..


I’m addicted to this game! I love it only down fall is the adds and you have to watch adds for more coins. I wish there was a version you could purchase that didn’t have adds. Over all happy with it!

Super fun game!!!

I am really impressed with this game and the amount of work that was put into it. Specially the hide and del mini game, and how it puts a virtual world in your own room, I was blown away🤩

Cute game

This game is the cutest ever. Although, I wish there was more to do in the town.


So cute omggg

Incredible game!

When my mom was playing this game I saw her and I really wanted it to so I went on AppStore and when I downloaded it and I went on and I played and played it it was..... AMAZING soooooooo amazing! I was so happy so I gave it a 5!

Cuteness overload 😆😆😆

Such a cute and fun game💕💕💕 would be better if you guys can add more mini game so we can earn more coins to raise our pets.




It’s so cute and the ad’s are optional I’m so pleased and the graphics are amazing!!!🌸💕✨

It was okay up until the ad banner was put on top

I really enjoyed the app when it first came out. I didn't mind the ad interruptions at all. Some of them were even like mini games. The only issue I have now is that the ads are now prominently displayed at the top of the screen and it ruins the look of the game. I understand what ads are for but I liked how they were presented before.

What's cuter than cute?

My Tamagotchi Forever!!! ^_^ ^_^ ^_^

Starts fun, but becomes boring

I like the idea of playing mini-games for coins, but with only 4 mini-games currently, it gets old quickly as the primary way to earn coins. I understand Bandai Namco needs to have ads to keep the game free (even though Nintendo doesn't). However, I often find the games in interactive ads that are used to allow you to continue playing are more interesting to play than the game of match 3 I'm going back to. I'd enjoy more pet interaction, like more ways to play with my Tamagotchi, or nickname them. Anything that would make my tamagotchi more personal, the outfits are a nice start.

So addictive and cute!

OMG my friend said that I should get this so I did of course. I downloaded it and I’ve been playing ever since!


It’s cute and very adorable and it makes me happy to see all of the little cute creatures

Love it but...

I wish there was more to do with your pet!

Only one thing

I was hoping to some how switch back between each tomagatchi and dress them up. Or even to just feed them, take care of them or something. Cause having the one is nice but once they r asleep it takes time... and you can’t even okay a game when they r asleep. Just a thought maybe :)


Very cute. I love this game.


I originally reviewed the game talking about a glitch that would make the game crash every time it tried to open it. I downloaded on my new phone and it works fine now, now i know i just have a terrible iPad XD. Very good game, but the gameplay just isn't my thing. X3

So so

It’s like talking Tom app, but little bit different

I love it

I’m not going to lie I was trying to get my actually one to work forever so when the app came out I was so excited! And I love it, my virtual pet rocks, great for pass time


My new favorite game!!!


i absolutely love this app! brings back so many childhood memories and they’re the cutest EVERR

Great game

It’s a fun spin on the old classic tamagotchis, but geared for a slightly younger generation it would seem. I also have the app that’s made to look like the classic tamagotchi so I don’t mind that this one is very different and more like the other virtual pet apps available. The animation is bright and fun, and the mini games are fun too!


Its a great game! I love it! It would make it even better if your Tama could die if you neglect it. It gives you a purpose to actually take care of your Tama. PLEASE CONSIDER THIS


I play everyday and do the daily games and today i did not receive my 800 coins when i inished the challenge

it’s alright but..

I wish “Tamatown” was more like the original tamatown where there was more to do and interact with.


Super cute!

No pay no play

You literally can’t progress in this game unless you spend money. You have to watch videos to get anything for free. It’s too bad cos I would have liked to play this game. It’s cute. Too bad so sad.

Tamagotchis i want here

Adrotchi.kikitchi.haiwianatchi(the tooth tama).young mametchi.mimitchi.young memetchi.young mimitchi.bill.mommothtchi (mammoth tama from genjitchi one).masktchi.all the youngster adults.makiko.daiyitchi.spotchi.gozuratchi.and tensaitchi


I just love it, used to play it years ago and I’m just so happy i can play it on my phone.

Add all the characters!!

Love this game I hope to continue to see new mini games and more characters added. Definitely worth $2 to get ride of ads and double coins. I probably would pay another $2 to double the coins a second time 😅

This game is TOO CUTE!!!!!

I absolutely love this game, it’s PRECIOUS!!!!!! Mametchi has the cutest little laugh and all of the other tamagotchi are so cute as well. It’s easy to play and easy to learn! My only problem with it is that it is pretty difficult to get coins! All in all though, great game!!!!!!

Would You Like a Few Mini Games with Those Ads?

Would you like a few mini games with those ads? I understand the game is free and the developers have bills to pay, but you already have to watch so many videos/ads to unlock even some of the regular things, why make so many of them pop up randomly in the middle of the game? It interrupts regular gameplay and is very frustrating.

Love it

I always loved tamagotchi!

love Tamagotchi!

LOVE IT!! 😍😍😍

Like old times!!

Bringing back childhood memories!! Love this trip down memory lane.

Grown up with tamagotchi

I grown up playing this game, when I saw the app I had to look into it. It’s shocking how technology has advanced in twenty years! Cute game. I feel likes it needs something else though!


I played it constantly for several days until it started crashing. I hope my lil babies are okay I can’t get it to open even after uninstalling and reinstalling and updating iOS.

Best Virtual Pet of 2018!

Hi, guys! I really love this game so much it's addicting. And your Tama never dies in this game! But there are a few things missing and I'll show them to you: New Characters-We have gotten some new characters as the game updates, but we still need more new babies (like Iwatchi and Choribotchi), toddlers (like Hitodetchi and Mattaritchi), teens (like Young Mametchi and Young Mimitchi), and adults (like Righttchi, Melodytchi, Lovesoratchi, Ringotchi, Nijifuwatchi, and even Ura Mametchi)! Keep those new characters coming! New Food-The Tamagotchi Connection toys have HUNDREDS of food items, but this game only has, like, 36. So we want this menu to be even bigger on this app! New Minigames-We all demand more minigames in the arcade. And bring back the Hide-and-Seek game, too! A Bigger TamaTown with New Items-Hmmm...TamaTown looks a bit too small here...we want it bigger! Oh, and add more items and memories, too! New Levels-Level 50 is still not enough for us, so we need to level up even further! No More Switching Genders When Evolving-Yeah, it's not fair when a male teen evolves into a female adult, or when a female teen evolves into a male adult. We need to divide all boys and girls into seperate growth charts to make it all fair! Nighttime Feature-It always looks like daytime when out in TamaTown. We need this game to match our clocks and add a nighttime atmosphere with a bright moon, twinkling stars, and the sound of crickets, frogs, and owls. (Only when it's nighttime.) Misc. Bug Fixes-We don't wanna forget about those. Why are Omututchi and Mimifuwatchi using male adult voices instead of the baby voices that Futabatchi uses? And why is Nikatchi referred to with male pronouns when she's actually female? I wish you can fix that. So whaddaya waiting for? Let's help make this game better!

Needs improvement

Good game with a lot of potential however there is a lot of glitches and the mini game play is rather boring if I’m honest. This game has so much potential but as it being so new it just needs a little time to grow. I had to delete the game for now but once it has improved and changed I will most likely come back to this app. The audio needs a fix the mini games need a fix and little additions can take this game far!

Love this game!

This is an excellent start to a game with a lot of potential! I love taking care & watching my tamagotchi grow! It’s great and brings back memories from when I was a kid playing the original tamagotchi’s. The only suggestion I may add is adding some longer lifetime features & more training like the original gameplay, and a way for friends to connect their app’s tamagotchi’s to have playdates!


Thank you for adding levels!!! I had hit the ceiling and was losing interest but they added new levels so I’m rewriting my review. I’m totally addicted to this game, play it every day. Can’t really say anything bad about it but it would be nice to have some kind of way to see how close you are to evolving. The circle for leveling up doesn’t coordinate with evolution so it would be nice to be able to see just how many points you are away from it. Other than that I don’t have anything else to suggest.

Love it

So cute!

Love It

I was obsessed with Tamagotchis when I was younger. This app is adorable and I love the mini games. The ONLY complaint I have about this app is that there are so many video ads.

This game is very cute!

It’s very relaxing to play when I’m a little bored or need something to calm me down enough to sleep. My only problem is there are waaaayyy too many ads.

Awesome 👍

I love the fact that you brought my childhood back to life and in such a cuter way☺️ I love this app!

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