My Tamagotchi Forever App Reviews

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I have the secret!

im so happy because i have the secret character.please add a new teen and a new toddler i have all of the tamagotchis.please remove dying😕 i will be happier if u remove and add this things.looking for my answer…

Great game but no additional levels

I really enjoy this game and played it almost daily due to the ease of play and the entertaining way the characters are set up to grow. I would give it 5 stars if it weren't for a single glaring issue. Once you reach level 36, you've reached the limit of levels. I'm not sure the significance of 36, however, not being able to continue to progress past that level puts a real damper on game play. Play at own risk once you start gaining levels....

Needs more

This game was definitely fun an addictive in the beginning. But now it’s so routine. I want to be able to do more with my tomagatchi. Or even play with my friends. This game could be better if there were more ways to interact with our tomagatchi, more mini games, and be able to play with friends.


CAN’t really see some product, but really cute


This game doesn’t have anything fun to do, at least not to me 🤷‍♀️

Good but could be better

I love this game, it brings back the old days when I could have these at school and check to see if they survived a one and a half long class period. I would like if there could be more games though, like the Pou game did. I’m tired of the same 6 mini games

Needs a UFO (Claw machine) minigame! <33

I used to love tamagotchi as a kid. i specifically remember tamagotchi connection and how I was able to connect my pet to a site on a computer and expand what i was able to do in this expanded internet universe. There was one thing in particular though that I remember about Tamagotchi connection’s site. A wonderful claw game that I played for hours on end, earning coins so that I could buy things for my tamagotchi’s item collection. This game has so much more than the classic tamagotchi’s did growing up... except for that claw game! it would be a perfect addition to the arcade in-game and since there are only 4 coin earning games, it would add some fun variety. Just an idea on how this already enjoyable game can be more enjoyable.

I just love it

This game is cute fun, and addicting. The art style is very cool, the graphics are very refreshing too.

Was fun until...

I reached level 36, that’s the last level and once you reach it your Tamagotchi doesn’t evolve so you’re basically stuck. They should make it to where they at least still evolve, even if you’re not leveling up. I still have a couple characters I haven’t gotten yet, but unless this is fixed I have no way of getting them. Guess this is the end of the game for me.

Best Virtual Pet of 2018!

Hi, guys! I really love this game so much it's addicting. And your Tama never dies in this game! But there are a few things missing and I'll show them to you: New Characters-That's right! We need new babies (like Iwatchi and Choribotchi), toddlers (like Hitodetchi and Mattaritchi), teens (like Young Mametchi and Young Mimitchi), and adults (like Righttchi, Melodytchi, Kikitchi, Ringotchi, Nijifuwatchi, and even Ura Mametchi)! 17 characters ain't enough for the game, so we need MORE! And I mean, TONS MORE! New Food-The Tamagotchi Connection toys have HUNDREDS of food items, but this game only has, like, 30. So we want this menu to be even bigger on this app! New Minigames-We all demand more minigames in the arcade. And bring back the Hide-and-Seek game, too! A Bigger TamaTown with New Items-Hmmm...TamaTown looks a bit too small here...we want it bigger! Oh, and add more items and memories, too! New Levels-Level 36 is still not enough for us, so we need to level up even further! No More Switching Genders When Evolving-Yeah, it's not fair when a male teen evolves into a female adult, or when a female teen evolves into a male adult. We need to divide all boys and girls into seperate growth charts to make it all fair! Nighttime Feature-It always looks like daytime when out in TamaTown. We need this game to match our clocks and add a nighttime atmosphere with a bright moon, twinkling stars, and the sound of crickets, frogs, and owls. (Only when it's nighttime.) Misc. Bug Fixes-We don't wanna forget about those. Why are Omututchi and Mimifuwatchi using male adult voices instead of the baby voices that Futabatchi uses? I wish you can fix that. So whaddaya waiting for? Let's help make this game better!

YEAH!!! The tamagotchis!! And some glitches....🐣

Tamagotchi forever is so fun that I take care of them. And when I was watching a Japanese commercial. It’s was the tamagotchi egg toy. I was saying wow. I buy the first tamagotchi app to care of in the 90’s. Then up the new version it s cool. Sadly I saw glitches that terrible that Bandai Nampo try.

Best My Talking Tom Rip-Offs


I freaking love this freaking app

So childhood fulfilling So addicting So.... cute.... Thank you

More ads than ever before!

I loved this game so much, and it was so fun, even with the ads which were 30 seconds if you wanted to continue playing or if you wanted a prize. It was simple back then. But With this latest update you have 5 second ads each time you want to do something in the game and let’s not even forget the google ads that are on the top of the screen endlessly advertising which weren’t there before the latest update. This last update was like a rude awakening, something that I always enjoyed is not so enjoyable anymore. Why add more ads when they were already there?! It’s just so I’m actually contemplating if I wanna keep this. The persistent ads are making the game unbearable.

Why are ads in the game now

Just like the old days... But pause... why do I keep getting the same one I’ve raised now 4 of these things put food in their mouth and clothes on their back and worked my butt off to put them through college so they could follow their dreams!!! But I keep getting the same 2 over and over!!!! We should be able to Choose an egg also

Fun but not perfect

This game is a fun evolution of the original idea behind tamagotchi with updated graphics and a few new features. While I’d recommend it overall, there are a few issues that keep it from being a four or five star app. For one, earning adequate coins takes too much time and effort. Secondly, unlocking all the characters is also difficult and time consuming, as you often get repeats making you less likely to want to go through the same career training twice. Lastly, the most recent update thought it’d be cool to put an ad banner at the top of the screen where there previously wasn’t one, and it looks awful and is very distracting. This game had just enough ad space not to be too annoying and they ruined that with the banner.

My review

Great game! Love it but needs more levels

New adformat

Was fun until you added ad’s that stay on all the pages. Will delete today. Bye little tamagotchi ;-(

New ads

I had enjoyed this game until the last update that added banner ads on every page and even more interruption ads. If this isn’t changed soon I will definitely be deleting this app.


I’m not happy with yesterday’s upgrade. Now I have a bar on the top with advertisements that can’t be close or erase.. please fix it! Thanks

Fun but it could be better

I loved playing on the tamagotchi when I was a kid. The thing that I loved the most is Tamatown. I wish this game was more interactive with other users and have friends like the old tamagotchi. I also miss having codes and unlocking fun stuff.

Fun BUT!

The game is cute and fun but the majority of the time you are watching videos to continue to play games and other things. Also DO NOT BY THE NO COMMERCIAL AND DOUBLE COINS! I paid $1.99 to get double coins and to get the double coins I have to watch videos AGAIN and there are no commercials so I don’t understand what the no commercial thing is.

Went wrong somewhere in translation

This has to be the dumbest game I have ever played... it makes no sense, other then complete nonsense. I tried to give it time and play it, but every time I tried to play it, I was left scratching my head trying to make sense of it after 5 minutes or less. Seriously, my pet wants to be a pirate? and I have to take 10 baking classes? and instantly puts on a stupid pirate costume? Like what is that nonsense?

Fun while it lasted

I had fun playing the game but it got old very quickly especially since I’ve been getting the same mametchi character the last 9 times straight. I think this is a glitch with the game.


UGLY ADS AT TOP OF SCREEM AFTER UPDATE RUINING GAMING EXPERIENCE. Trying to force players to join monthly paid membership.

Ugly ads

I know you need to make money but why did you put huge ugly ads on top of the game? Change it or I’ll keep this rating at one star

7/4-Why did y'all put in an ad banner?????

It was fine the way it was. Who hurt you?

Too many ads

There were already tons of pop up ads and the newest version placed ads in the actual interface of the game. So many things cost gems and it’s difficult to earn them without spending tons of money. I was enjoying it but it’s honestly just coming off as a huge cash grab now.

Love tamagotchi..

Only thing I don’t like is that the actual tamagotchi I am raising cannot interact or play outside. Only the other ones I already raised play around. I wish there was more to do outside or more places to visit.. Thx for the basketball addition I sure miss those ORIGINAL TAMAGOTCHI GAMES! They were sooo fun. Especially the one you guess which way they want to go. Left or Right. So enjoyable The update is SOO helpful I do not have to play countless days just to get a new item. But it does crash when you step outside often .!! The voices are the best. They’re so cute


So so cute


Hi...are you going to add more levels? I have been sitting at level 36 for a long time now with no advancement offered?

New Levels Coning Out

Will new levels coming out? I have bee Stuck on level 36. I need new levels to keep playing. I love this game!!

Shut down

I really like this game it’s cute! But now every time I open it up n I get to my house. The game shuts down. It has been updated.

Add this to Apple Watch

It will be cool if you add a real tamagotchi into the Apple Watch because it’s going to feel like you have a real tamagotchi

Not for ages under 3

Great game but my little sis can’t figure out how to drag and drop but every thing else is fine.


Keeps.crashing and won't let me do nuttn

Used to be good...

Since the update on June 20, 2018, my coin balance was reset upon sending an adult to Tamatown, I received the 3000 coins for that, but now it won’t update when I receive gifts. Frustrating that I can’t buy anything in game other than food since nothing costs less than 3000 coins.


This is a rip-off of paka pets

Sebirechi’s, Sebirechi’s everywhere...

I’ve played this game for a good amount of time, it was really fun and brought back memories of my childhood. But recently I had stopped unlocking other Tamagotchi’s and only been receiving Sebirechi’s as it evolves to an adult (the yellow duck). And it also goes for when it evolves to a teen, I keep getting the same two Tama’s and it’s gotten so annoying and redundant. Another problem is there’s nothing past level 36?? Which is actually quick to achieve and I’ve lost interest in the game since there’s no more higher levels to advance. I’ve deleted the app because I didn’t see a point in playing if I was going to keep getting the same evolutions and there was nothing past level 36. The evolution outcomes really should be fixed, and the levels be updated because there’s no point in playing until they do.

I like the idea, but..

I tried so hard to enjoy this game. I love the old Tamagotchi toys and I still occasionally play around on them. This app is really annoying. The Tamagotchis make really irritating sounds all the time and the app nags you in your notifications. I could just turn those off, but it’s still not really that enjoyable of a game for me. 😕

App is crashing

The app crashes when going outside the home. Please fix.

Best game ever in my opinion 😃

I think this game is so cute and funny!. I have just got this game I think it should get a prize June 27 9:18 pm I have been playing since 8:32 pm

Stucked at level 36

I was totally enjoying this game until I reached the highest level 36. I was expecting it to go to open up another level of Tamatown heaven but no! Instead I am now stuck at this level which means this is it! How boring is that! No reward, no fanfare, just the same minigames over and over again. So disappointed!!! Also once I reached the highest level 36, my teen tamagotchi is stuck as a teenager forever. It does not want to grow as an adult anymore even though I have been playing it like forever! Go figure??? Are your programmers sleeping or something?


I wait on the loading screen for about 30 seconds and then it crashes. Plz fix, I really want to play!!!

Love this app

Very cool

One thing

Love the app! Just wish one thing was changed... instead of your tomogatchi being tired all throughout the day , I wish it slept at night. But overall loving it!

pretty good

i never played the original tamagotchi but i love playing this game. it’s fun and holds my attention, but the new update has made the game kind of glitchy (i’ll go to tamatown and my phone will close the app). i also have an abundance of diamonds that i won’t use, so i want a feature where you can use diamonds to pay for things other than food and outfits, or where you can exchange diamonds for coins.


I love this modern version of Tamagotchi! It’s super cute and entertaining however it’d be really cool to be able to interact with the other pets in Tamatown. Again love this!


Cool game

Care for the pet

I just love the way you can make it to your computer or iPhone . The kids love it so I can go get them food or just let them out and play with them. I’m just lol but you can always get get it to sleep and get a bath. I don’t know why the teens and young adults dance after they eat. Charm is my favorite of the game.

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